Pro-Line Reinforced 60 mil PVC Swimming Pool Membrane

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Professional Quality
                     Designer Beauty
                                     Technically Superior
     Specify Pro-Line Mechanically Attached Reinforced PVC                                   Swimming Pool Membrane for Rock Solid Performance
Custom tailored to exacting standards your Pro-Line field fabricated waterproof membrane lining system will be assembled on site by factory certified professional personnel.Once the chosen termination configuration is installed the membrane is welded to the mechanical attachments through the use of hand held and robotic thermoplastic welding tools. PVC or stainless steel termination strips are used to anchor your membrane to the pool shell (galvanized strip, anchors or glued down attachment is never used). 
The completed 60 mil PVC Swimming Pool Shell anchored to the pool structure will stand up to structural movement, freeze/ thaw cycles and environmental adverse conditions better than any finish offered on the market today. No other system can match its performance. Experience the end of chipping, peeling, cracking, failing plaster and scraped knees 
​You Are Rehabilitating Your Swimming Pool For Future Generations
​Attention to Detail is the Key to a Successful Project....We Can Help
*Engineering Cut Sheets and Specifications
*Health Department Approval Assistance
*Submital Drawings and Scope of Work Outlines
*Municipal Bid Documents
*Budget Considerations
*Honest Evaluation and Advice
*Made in The USA
PVC Termination Strip with Cap
Integral PVC Gasket Seal(not caulk)
Fully Welded Stainless Steel Skirt
Completed New Construction