Pro-Line Reinforced 60 mil PVC Swimming Pool Membrane

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A successful project is the result of detailed planning

Typical Specification

The following pages include a typical specification (in the Construction Specification Institute format). This specification is intended to be used as part of a project or as a stand-alone specification for the purchase of a swimming pool, aquatic facility or water feature item.
This specification is not proprietary or intended to limit competition. 
The purpose of this specification is to establish minimum performance and quality standards. 
The use of this specification does not preclude other manufacturers or suppliers from bidding. 
The use of a detailed specification ensures that the purchaser receives the quality installed system expected.
It is recommended that the purchaser understands these specifications and demand that all potential suppliers meet the minimum requirements.

It is important to note that not only the product being install meet the outlined quality standards but that the preparation and installation techniques used in the project follow not only manufacturer guidelines but follow the guidelines of The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), American Concrete Institute (ACI)
 and The Association of Pool and Spa Professional (APSP) Guidelines.

It is recommended that a working supervisor possessing both APSP, CSP Certification and at least 5 years field experience installing swimming pool membranes be employed to oversee the PVC membrane installation project and report directly to the owner’s representative.


 A. The provision of the Notice to Bidders, Instructions to Bidders, Proposals, General Conditions,
  Supplementary Conditions, General Requirements, related Sections and other Divisions of these
  documents if used as part of this project are included as a part of this Section as though bound herein.

 A. It is the intent of this specification to describe the installation of a complete reinforced PVC membrane
  lining system specifically designed and formulated for use in swimming pools. The system shall consist of
  two layers of flexible PVC totally encapsulating a polyester inner reinforcement in combination with
  required accessory items to complete the installation. The sections of material shall be fuse bonded
  together at the site to form a watertight continuous membrane lining. The system shall be installed in
  accordance with the configuration as detailed on the drawings, including all necessary equipment within
  this specification. Individual rolls of reinforced PVC membrane shall be custom fitted and welded
  together at the job site using hot air welding techniques. Upon completion, the system shall provide a
  waterproof, yet flexible membrane, complete with all necessary fittings, attachments, flange transitions
  and markings.
 B. The performance characteristics and installation qualifications as established herein reflect the minimum
  requirements for any membrane system to be utilized on this project. Systems not meeting the minimum
  requirements established for this project will not be considered.
 C. This specification includes, but is not limited to, the following components:
 D. Flexible PVC membrane
 E. Slip-resistant reinforced PVC membrane
 F. Separator fleece
 G. Attachment: PVC coated stainless steel edging & sheets, weld strip.
 H. Polymer and/or PVC edging & sheets
  I. Sanitizing agents
 J. Transition flanges
 K. Edge sealants
 L. Adhesive caulks and sealants
 M. Refer to Section ______, Alternates, for alternates that may affect the Work of this Section.

 A. Work Included: The work specified herein and as indicated on the drawings includes, but is not necessarily
  limited to, furnishing all the labor, materials, equipment, appliances, services and drayage to all the
  operations related to the fabrication and installation of the PVC Membrane System. The Work shall be as
  herein specified and as denoted on the accompanying drawings.
 B. Related Work and Responsibilities Assigned to Others: Coordinate all activities with the appropriate party.
  Advise owner’s representative if proper conditions are not maintained or if responsibilities of others are
  not properly completed. Related work responsibilities generally include, but are not limited to the
   1. Provide and maintain appropriate and suitable environmental conditions, including temporary heat
    shelter and weather protection for the completion of the work.
    2. Surface preparation beyond the scope of normal surface patching of concrete, surface repair or
  cleaning of the existing interior surfaces prior to system installation.
    3. Perimeter sealant, caulking, or other sealing except sealants that are integral to the PVC Membrane
    4. Removal and reinstallation of deck and accessory equipment.
    5. Provide means for storage and disposal of scrap material, coating debris, and other material in
  close proximity to pool area.
    6. Electrical work, including grounding of the pool, installation of underwater lights or other
  components, or any related electrical work.
    7. Temporary facilities, including electrical power and restroom facilities close to the installation site.
    8. Provide temporary water at fifty (50) psi (gallons per minute) minimum for cleaning, rinsing, and
  test purposes, as well as facilities for draining pool and maintaining workable conditions within the
  pool area.
    9. Final cleaning of pool area outside of the PVC Membrane System.
   10. Provide and maintain all necessary barricades, signs, lights, flares, and other security as required
  protecting workmen and the public.
   11. Drain pool, coordinate with contractor to ensure proper hydrostatic relief is maintained. Closely
  monitor water table around pool to minimize hydrostatic damage to pool shell.
   12. Immediately after installation, protect pool from damage, contamination, spatter, and spillage
  caused by construction work of other trades. This shall include covering of pool with protective
  materials when necessary, and responsibility for prompt repair or corrective measures in the event
  of damage.
  C. Where items of the architectural, mechanical, or electrical general conditions, special conditions, and
  specifications are repeated in this Section of the Specifications or Project Documents, it is intended to call
  particular attention or qualify these items or to indicate that the requirements of this Section shall govern
  in the event of conflict with other Sections. It is not intended that any other parts of the documents shall
  be assumed to be omitted if not repeated herein. Should the requirements of any other Section of the
  project documents contradict this section, the requirements of this section shall govern.

 A. References Standards: Certain applicable reference standards are incorporated herein to the extent such
  references are relevant, with the latest revision applicable including, but not limited to:
    1. Fabrication standards:
  ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials
  ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  NSF - National Sanitation Foundation
  APSP- Association of Pool and Spa Professionals
    2. The following are utilized as applicable:
  NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association
  FINA - Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur
  USS - United States Swimming Incorporated
 B. The intent of these specifications is not to establish specific quantities, amounts, or dimensions. Thus, the
  reference to “one”, “each”, “an”, “a”, or like wording is for semantic purposes only. Unless specifically
  stipulated otherwise, provide materials, equipment, and items as detailed on the drawings or as
  reasonably required for complete, operational PVC Membrane System installation(s).

 A. The PVC Membrane System has been the subject of a detailed investigation, and the design and operation
  of adjoining equipment and systems is based upon the specified membrane system. All base bids shall
  include only that equipment and systems listed herein or subsequently approved by addendum. The
  Owner reserves the right to reject any and all substitutions without cause and for any reason whatsoever,
  and the contractor is obligated to provide only the products, equipment or systems as described by the
  specified manufacturer.

 A. When a particular manufacturer’s product, system or brand name is designated in the project documents,
  either in the drawings, specifications or addenda thereto, only such designated products or systems by
  the named manufacturer may be provided.
    1. When reference is made in the project documents to trade names, brand names or the products of
  a particular manufacturer, such references are made solely to indicate what products or systems
  may be furnished under the base bid and are not intended to restrict competition. Should any
  bidder desire to use products, systems or trade or brand names that are different from those
  mentioned in the project documents, application for the approval of such different products,
  systems, trade names or brand names must be provided to the Architect in writing a minimum of
  10 days prior to the date set for the opening of bids.
    2. The burden of proving acceptability rests with the applicant and any application for approval must
  be accompanied with adequate and sufficient technical data, drawings and details to clearly and
  convincingly establish beyond all doubt that the proposed product or system meets or exceeds all
  express requirements of the project documents.
    3. Unless requests for approval of other products, systems, trade names or brand names have been
  received and approvals have been published by addendum, only such designated products or
  systems by the named manufacturer may be provided.

 A. Coordinate all work activities and installation of the PVC Membrane System with other building
  components and the work activities of other trades

 A. The drawings are generally diagrammatic and are intended to convey the scope of work and indicate
  general arrangement. The drawings are intended for contractors having experience, skill and discretion in
  the execution of the work implied by the drawings.
 B. If directed by the Consultant or required for the successful completion of the project, the contractor shall,
  without extra charge, make reasonable modifications in the layout as needed to prevent conflict with
  work of other trades or for proper execution of the work. Under no circumstances shall any sizes be
  decreased or increased significantly or radical changes in any part of the installation be made without the
  written consent of the Consultant or the Owner.

 A. Upon notice to proceed under this Contract, installation details and submittal documents shall be
  provided, fully illustrating the materials and procedures to be utilized. These details and submittal
  documents, once accepted by the Owner or Owner's Representative, shall be the basis for the fabrication,
  installation and inspection.
 B. Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s technical information and product data including basic materials and
  installation instructions for the PVC Membrane System including the following:
    1. List each material furnished and application and cross-reference to the shop drawing(s).
    2. Provide dimensional shop drawings showing all pertinent dimensions.
 C. Program and Procedures: Prepare and submit a summary of the installation program which involves
  scheduling, preparation and installation procedures, quality control and project close-out. Submit to
  architect for approval.
 D. Submit comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals. Include recommendations for corrective
  action of typical situations that may be encountered.
    1. Submit recommended and required values for swimming pool water chemistry and other
  operational aspects of maintaining the swimming pool facilities.
    2. Maintenance Instructions and Maintenance Program: Provide complete descriptive information
  detailing proper care, maintenance and cleaning of the system.

 A. This is a performance specification. The complete and functional reinforced PVC membrane system, as
  specified herein and shown on the drawings, is to be the basis for receiving bids. While it is not the intent
  of these specifications to, in any way, limit competition or restrict the bidder in the preparation of their
  bid, the bidder shall offer products and materials in literal compliance with these specifications. The
  bidders are cautioned that offering products or systems failing to meet these specifications will be
  considered non-responsive.
 B. The PVC Membrane System shall be the product of a firm having at least ten (10) years experience in the
  Design and manufacture of PVC Lining Systems used in swimming pool, aquatic or water feature applications.
  The installation firm also must have at least ten (10) installations of similar projects currently in
  satisfactory operation for no less than three (3) years. All systems shall be in compliance with the code
  requirements that govern in the State of the installation.
    1. In the event an alternate manufacturer’s system is approved, all contractors will be so
  advised per addendum prior to bid opening to allow for inclusion of such a system or
  equipment in their bids. In the absence of approval for an alternate manufacturer, only
  the specified manufacturer’s system may be incorporated in the project.
    2. Listing or subsequent approval of a particular manufacturer as an approved manufacturer does not
  constitute acceptance of the manufacturer’s standard configuration, materials, or equipment,
  except as they specifically meet or can be made to conform to the requirements defined in this
  specification. Any bid shall be assumed to include any and all costs to change, modify or otherwise
  comply fully with the requirements of this specification. Claims for additional compensation to
  comply with these specifications after bid for any reason whatsoever will not be considered. Only
  materials, equipment, or systems that absolutely comply with these specifications in all regards will
  be accepted. Any substitute systems from alternate manufacturers shall be in compliance with all
  requirements of these specifications.
 C. Warranty: The PVC Membrane System shall be guaranteed for workmanship, materials and performance
  for a period of ten (10) years. This warranty shall not include or cover abusive or improper treatment to
  the PVC Membrane System by others either during construction or when operational.

1.11 Delivery, Storage and Handling:
 A. The PVC Membrane System components shall be delivered to the job site adequately packaged to prevent
  damage. Packaging shall have in clear view labeled identification as to the physical content and description of             product including but not limited to thickness, color, texture and top coat stain guard applied.
  Unloading and storage shall be executed by the Contractor. The materials shall not be stacked or stored in any
  manner which could cause damage or deformity. 
  Site assembly or fabrication of any part of the PVC Membrane System without the complete coordination and
  supervision of the manufacturer or his representative is strictly prohibited.

1.12 Project Site Conditions:
 A. The project site shall be in accordance with the Manufacturers’ technical bulletins. Access for the
  installation of the PVC Membrane System will be provided by others.
 B. All surface preparation necessary to produce a reasonably smooth, firm, clean and dry surface shall be
  completed prior to the onset of installation. The surface must be free of angular materials, bubbles, voids
  and large cracks. These irregularities shall be repaired per ICRI guidelines with suitable patching material or               covered with PVC strip or stainless steel sheet as detailed on the drawings. Tar, oil, or petrochemical compounds       must be removed or isolated. Surface preparation is not part of this contract unless otherwise specified.

1.13 Coordination:
 A. The manufacturer shall provide complete descriptive information detailing the design, construction and
  installation. The contractor shall include all costs for visits to the project site to coordinate various aspects
  of design, construction, installation and commissioning of the lining system. Coordination shall include
  the cost for aspects of the installation and to coordinate manufacturing, testing and commissioning
  programs with the main contractor(s), and other suppliers. Such visits shall take place immediately upon
  notice to proceed to enable all contractors to be briefed, and a complete production and installation
  program to be established.


 A. Manufacturer: Pro-Line® Systems 60 mil Reinforced PVC Swimming Pool Membrane System.
     All bids shall include only PVC Membrane Lining Systems from this manufacturer.
 B. The system specified is based upon the Pro-Line® Swimming Pool Membrane System which is a proprietary
   product of Pro-Line Systems, 10 Barker Road, Whitney Point, N.Y. 13862 and the characteristics and standards 
   The listed criteria have been established as the minimum acceptable values for any membrane product to be              offered on this project. As all aspects and equipment within the pool system have been designed to utilize this            system, products not meeting the minimum requirements listed will not be accepted, as that could adversely 
   affect the
   performance of the system.
 C. If alternate systems are approved prior to bidding, all contractors will be notified by addendum.
 D. Source Limitations: Provide all PVC Membrane System components through one source.

 A. Ensure that all materials used are compatible with the swimming pool environment, and that these
  materials are supplied as a system.

2.3 Components and Equipment:
 A. Flexible Reinforced PVC Membrane: The flexible PVC membrane shall be installed to the dimensions
  detailed on the drawings and as required. The membrane shall consist of two (2) layers of PVC fuse,
  bonded to a polyester mesh substrate. 
  The membrane shall be no less than 60.0 mil in thickness (.060-inch/1.5 mm), and shall conform strictly
  with the following chemical and physical properties as listed herein.
  Only those membranes specifically formulated for swimming pool use shall be considered.
  Roofing membranes, general waterproofing membranes, and vinyl liners shall not be acceptable.
  Additionally, only those swimming pool membranes meeting or exceeding the following ASTM test values
  shall be acceptable.
  The membrane shall be furnished in a color scheme as detailed by the drawings as selected by the owner.
 B. The PVC Membrane shall be manufactured with a clear top coat to resist staining, and microbial action.
 C. Typical Physical Properties

                                     60 MIL REINFORCED SWIMMING POOL LINER, F2297
Reinforcement: Non-wicking Polyester scrim fabric, 1000 D yarn, 9 x 9 per inch count
Stain guard: Clear top coat applied during manufacturing to surface of membrane

 PROPERTY                                                   VALUE                            TEST METHOD

Thickness, mils, +/- 5%                                    60.0                               ASTM D- 751 
Breaking Strength, lbs.                                     250                                ASTM D- 751
Min. (1” grab)
Tear Strength, lbs.                                            85                                  ASTM D- 751
Dimensional Stability                                        2.0                                 ASTM D-1204
% change max.
Volatility, %loss, max                                        0.5                                ASTM D-1203
Water Extraction                                               0.7                                ASTM D-1239
% weight loss, max.
Low Temperature Bend                                    -50                                ASTM D-2136
(Pass, degrees C, +/- 2o ) 1/8” Mandrel
  4 Hours
Hydrostatic Resistance                                      275                              ASTM D- 751
Psi. Min. Method A. #1
Puncture Resistance (lbs.)                                125                               ASTM D4833
Delamination Resistance (lbs./in. MD)              12.0                              ASTM D413
Fungal & Bacterial Resistance No Growth & No Stain                          ASTM G-21-96
UV Resistance (% retention after exposure)      90                               ASTM D4355
*The information in this data sheet is considered to be accurate and reliable; however, no guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied.

 D. Slip Resistant Flexible Reinforced PVC Membrane: A slip resistant reinforced PVC membrane identical 
  in chemical and physical properties to the flexible reinforced PVC membrane described above, which includes a  
  specifically designed embossed surface suitable for high traffic areas, shall be installed as detailed on the drawings.
  Furnished in the color scheme as detailed by the drawings or as selected by the owner.
​ E. Separator Fleece: The interior concrete surfaces of the swimming pool shall be covered with an engineered
  polyester fleece separator weighing at least 12 ounces per square yard. The fleece separator must be resistant to  
  freeze, thaw, moisture, soil-chemical abrasion, be resistant to biological degradation and ultraviolet deterioration and   shall conform strictly to the following chemical and physical properties.
  All fleece separators shall be certified and guaranteed to be free of foreign materials, which
  could potentially be damaging to the liner.
 F. Chemical and Physical Properties
  Property                            Unit Value                   Test
  Weight:                             12 oz/sq.yd.,               ASTM D-5261
  Tensile strength:               300 lb.,                       ASTM D-4632
  Elongation:                        50%,                          ASTM D-4632
  Trapezoid tear :                115 lb.,                       ASTM D-4533
  Puncture resistance:        155 lb.,                       ASTM D-4833
  Mullen burst strength;      600 psi,                      ASTM D-3786
  Water flow rate:               75 gpm/sq ft               ASTM D-4491
  Permeability:                   1.0 sec                        ASTM D-4491
  UV Resistance(500hrs)     70%                          ASTM D-4355

 G. Attachment: A PVC-coated stainless steel sheet, at least 24 gauge with PVC laminated on one side shall be  
  used to form edges, angles, corners, and transitions where a firm surface is necessary to weld the PVC membrane.    Galvanized PVC coated steel sheet is not acceptable. Flexible and semi-rigid PVC weld strip anchored to the
  shell may be used where support of a corner is not required.
  Anchoring of Pool membrane to shell through the use of glue or adhesives is not permitted.
  Mechanical attachment of the membrane to the shell with non-ferrous anchors is the only acceptable method.
 H. Stainless Steel and Polymer Sheet: At least 24-gauge stainless steel or PVC strip min. 4” wide shall be used as
  required for reinforcement, shaping, separation as required and be installed over expansion joints as detailed.
 I. Sanitizing Agents: Sanitizing agents, formulated from a mixture of halogenated organic compounds shall be               applied to the pool surface, beneath the pool liner and slip sheet, to help prevent the growth of microbes or fungus.
 J. Transition Flanges: Compression flanges fabricated of rigid PVC, 1/4 inches thick, shall be
  furnished at all membrane penetrations or openings to the swimming pool. All transition flanges shall be
  secured with stainless steel anchoring systems. Manufacturer specific fitting faceplates may also be used.
 K. Edge Sealant: Liquid PVC edge sealant solution shall be applied to all free material edges after welding.
  This process is to provide a properly detailed edge on material lap joints. Only those membrane systems
  utilizing an edge sealant solution or fully encapsulated polyester scrim will be considered.


3.1 Examination
 A. The supervising representative or installer shall verify that the site conditions are in accordance with the
  Manufacturers’ requirements, shop drawings and/or technical bulletins and are suitable for the installation
  of the membrane.

3.2 Preparation
 A. Surface preparation shall be completed prior to the commencement of installation. The surface shall be
  reasonably smooth without oil or tar-based materials present. Deteriorated surfaces or voids shall be filled
  with high early strength, shrinkage compensated cementacious patching compounds, per ICRI guidelines.
  Areas immediately surrounding fittings, lights, and other transitions or entrances to the pool shall be sound 
  and suitable for drilling of ½ inch diameter anchor holes for the installation of the PVC compression flanges.

3.3 Installation and Application
 A. All work to be performed by skilled technicians having adequate experience with, and specific training in,
  the field welding and fabrication of flexible PVC swimming pool membrane systems. Additionally, to
  ensure the overall integrity of the installation, the installing crew shall be supervised in the field by a crew leader
  having had no less than five (5) years experience in the application of PVC membrane systems on at least
  five (5) pool projects similar in size and scope to this project.
 B. To ensure the integrity of the membrane installation and to secure a single source of responsibility for any
  required warranty service, all membrane system installation personnel shall be regular employees of the 
  installing contractor or shall be a factory trained licensee of the manufacturer. 
 C. If requested, the Contractor shall submit the personnel and supervisor’s experience in writing for approval prior to   award of contract
 D. All work is to be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical bulletins. Should the
  requirements of these bulletins contradict this or any other section of the specifications, the procedures
  called for in the bulletins shall govern. The work under this section shall be performed by or directed by
  an authorized licensee of the system manufacturer so that the complete installation will function in
  accordance with the intent of these specifications.
 E. (Optional) Connection to existing perimeter gutter systems: When installing the PVC Membrane System in
  swimming pools or aquatic facilities with existing stainless steel perimeter gutter systems, a 12 gauge T-304
  stainless steel compression skirt shall be continuously welded to the stainless steel gutter system.
 F. The compression skirt shall be fabricated as detailed on the drawings and shall provide a smooth,
  uninterrupted surface onto which the membrane shall be compressed. The PVC membrane and a PVC gasket,  
  manufactured as a component of the PVC profile(weather strip, caulk or gasket material is unacceptable),  
  shall be compressed between the rigid PVC profile and the compression skirt through the installation of stainless
  steel hardware located no greater than 3” O.C. A semi rigid interlocking cap shall be installed over the s.s hardware
  to finish the installation. Due to the critical nature of insuring a positive, permanent and enduring watertight seal
  between the PVC membrane and the stainless steel gutter system, only those systems incorporating a fully welded,
  stainless steel membrane compression skirt will be allowed. 
 G. One method of meeting these requirements is furnished by Pro-Line® Systems and is available under license for  
  use by any contractor installing a PVC Membrane System in a swimming pool facility.
    1. The PVC membrane contractor is responsible for testing the existing stainless steel gutter
  supply tube and hydrostatic testing of the return trough before and after the installation of the compression skirt to  
  ensure that the gutter system is watertight. 

3.4 Sequence of Work
 A. After acceptance of the prepared surface perform any minor patching and apply anti fungal treatment to surface.
 B. Install PVC coated stainless steel shaped sheet and PVC strip necessary to form angles, edges, corners, bottom
  anchor attachment and other transitions. Attach to the pool surface with drive rivets approximately six (6)” on center.
 C. Isolate working cracks and expansion joints with flexible PVC or stainless steel sheet (24-gauge) as required.
 D. Attach the fleece to the concrete pool wall and/or the bottom with the appropriate adhesives in the amounts
  adequate to secure the fleece.
 E. The flexible reinforced PVC membrane shall be securely welded to PVC coated steel or PVC sheet, which has
  been attached to the pool surface with aluminum drive rivets approximately six (6) inches on center. This is what
  provides the mechanical attachment to the pool structure.PVC glued to the slip sheet for attachment is not                   acceptable. 
 F. Weld the flexible reinforced PVC membrane in accordance with the procedures established by the
  manufacturer. The joints shall be hot air welded(chemical welds are not acceptable) with a minimum of two (2)             inches 
  of overlap and ¾” weld. Probe seams with a hand-held lance or air lance to ensure complete welding. 
  Completely close the seam edge with exposed polyester scrim using a PVC cut edge sealing compound.
 G. All seams in the membrane shall be one-piece, single overlap seams. Patching and overlaying of multiple
  layers of the membrane material is not acceptable. Patching of relief cuts resulting in a visible patch is not                   acceptable.
  Relief cuts and the associated patch may be used if covered by the flooring membrane.
  All material sections are to be applied in full roll widths and lengths except where pool conditions dictate otherwise.
  To minimize visible seams, the membrane is to be applied to the pool walls in horizontally oriented sheets. 
  Except on curved wall perimeters, applying the membrane in vertically oriented sheets is not acceptable. 
  There are to be no visible patches on the surface of the completed membrane.
 H. Apply special markings, targets, lines, etc., as indicated on the drawings or as specified. The owner's
  representative is to provide detailed instructions as to necessary markings.
 I. After installation of the PVC membrane, apply an appropriate elastomeric sealant to all transitions between
  construction materials, utilizing only sealants suitable for submerged application in swimming pools as stated in the     sealant manufacturers specification sheet and printed on cartridge for ease of inspection and compatibility.
 J. All inlets, outlets, drains, underwater lights, skimmers, stanchion posts, and other required membrane
  penetrations shall be fitted with rigid PVC compression flanges securely anchored to the pool structure to
  ensure a watertight seal. Specified caulking may be used for gasket and shall be warranted as the membrane.
  Semi rigid compression strip on uneven surfaces and fitting specific face plates may be used.
  “Wrapping and clamping” of the membrane material around rail goods penetrations the membrane is not                     acceptable. 

3.5 Adjusting and Cleaning
 A. After installation is complete, “broom” clean all surfaces. Remove all scraps, debris, or construction material and  
  dispose of properly

3.6 Field Quality Control
 A. Limit access to the project site to minimize possibility of damage to the membrane. Materials and
  equipment shall not be dragged across the surface of the liner or allowed to slide down the slopes. All
  parties working on the liner shall wear soft soled shoes. Immediately following installation, verify
  completion and testing of all seams. Retesting may be necessary to ensure complete sealing.
 B. Upon completion of installation and testing, the completed PVC Membrane System shall be hydrostatically
  tested by filling the pool or water feature to the typical operating level and operating all systems for a
  period of 6 hours without evidence of leakage.

3.7 Demonstration and commissioning
 A. In the company of the Owner’s representative, inspect the completed installation, make final adjustments,
  place the system in operation and give operating instructions relative to its care and use.
 B. Prepare a complete “Project Completion Report and Warranty Application,” documenting the proper
  completion of the project. Provide to owner’s representative for review and signature prior to turning over project.